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How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

How to Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

With so many different styles of sunglasses to choose from, how do you know what looks best on you? Often, it comes down to face shape. However, there are no hard and fast rules, so if you love a pair, and the style pros at GARMANY tell you the shades look good on you, buy ’em. Confidence is key. Meanwhile, heed these tips to find the most flattering shape:

Oval Face

Your jawline is slightly narrower than your forehead, and cheekbones are high and angled. The lengh of your face is about one and half times the width.

Frames that compliment: Lucky you! Just about every shape looks good on oval faces. Choose square, round, cat eye, you name it. 

Frames to avoid: Watch out for oversized frames that can overwhelm your face.

Round Face 

Round faces are about the same width across as they are high with full cheeks and a rounded chin.

Frames that compliment: Look for square or strong, angular frame shapes to contrast with the roundness of your face.

Frames to avoid: Steer clear of round frames and frames that are too small.

Heart Face

Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads that extend downward to a small chin. Cheekbones are high and angled.

Frames that compliment: Look for frames with thin temples or exaggerated bottoms to direct attention downward and even out your proportions. Light-colored frames also help to balance a narrow chin.

Frames to avoid: Watch out for dark frames, top-heavy styles and frames with decorative designs along the top.

Diamond Face

People with diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead and an angular, pointed chin with wide cheeks.

Frames that compliment: Oval frames balance your features. Also, frames with strong brow lines draw the eye up and away from wide cheeks.

Frames to avoid: Watch out for very narrow frames that draw attention to your narrow eye line.

Square Face

Your face has a prominent forehead with a strong, square jawline.

Frames that compliment: Look for curvier frames like round, oval, cat eye or butterfly styles in dark or bold colors.

Frames to avoid: Stay away from geometric and square-shaped frames. Light-colored frames are also not as good on someone with your bold features.

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