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How to wear cargo pants now

How to wear cargo pants now

Cargo pants were introduced in the 1940s and used by the Air Force to hold supplies during flights. Their popularity took off during the 1990s, when bigger was better and men loved being able to carry everything plus the kitchen sink in their pants. But with their giant pockets and baggy fit, cargo pants got a bad reputation for making men look sloppy. You’ve probably been avoiding them for years, and rightfully so. But what if we told you that cargo pants are making a comeback? Wait, just hear us out. These are not the cargo pants of yore.

The new cargo pants are slim through the leg, not that big and baggy fit you remember from back in the day. Many of them are tapered at the ankle too, a sort of cross breed with the new jogger that’s everywhere now. Another key difference is the pockets. Instead of large, billowing pockets, today’s cargo pants have slimmer pockets that don’t open as far—you’re really not supposed to carry everything plus the kitchen sink in there, after all. Let’s also talk color. You can now find cargo pants in dark colors like navy, green and black, which makes them feel more stylish and trouser-like than your typical khaki cargos.

Warning: The old, baggy-fit cargos are still lurking out there, so don’t go and try to order a pair online. Stop into GARMANY where you know you’ll find the most current cargos and other pants to update your fall and winter wardrobe.

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