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How to wear cufflinks this summer

How to wear cufflinks this summer

 Odds are you’ll be going to a lot of important events this summer—family’s weddings,

coworkers’ fundraisers, a friend’s alfresco dinner party and the like. And though you probably won’t have a new outfit for each and every one of them (though you can, with a little help from our sales associates at Garmany!), an easy and effective way to instantly upgrade your look is with a fun pair of cufflinks. The purpose of cufflinks, of course, is to fasten a shirt cuff, but they add a luxurious touch to an outfit that a regular button wouldn’t, and instantly add polish to any look.

And there are a few things to keep in mind before wearing cufflinks. One is that they can’t be worn with any and every shirt. Since the cufflink essentially replaces the button, the shirt must be a double cuff (or a French cuff) shirt, not a single cuff shirt which comes with a button.

Also, cufflinks look best when worn with a jacket, but this doesn’t mean they can only be worn for formal occasions. Cufflinks look great with a sportcoat to the office or a blazer to an outdoor wedding.

Lastly, cufflinks come in a variety of styles and materials, like leather, metal, enamel, or titanium, so the options are endless.

We here at Garmany are big fans of Jan Leslie’s cufflinks—the luxury brand has quite the selection, whether you want your cufflinks to show off your love for a particular sport or hobby or simply display your initials. Most come in sterling silver and all are impeccably made.

Or, try a set from Deakin & Francis. These gold and silver cufflinks are hand-crafted in England and, like Jan Leslie’s, help the wearer show off his personality in the subtlest of ways.

Stop by Garmany to see what cufflinks we have in store from these two brands and others, and we’ll help you find the perfect set for every occasion.

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