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How to wear print pants

How to wear print pants

Prints and patterns are having a moment in fashion right now, but if the idea of wearing print pants gives you pause, you’re not alone. Why is it so much more daunting to wear prints on your bottom half than your top? You can pull off a patterned shirt or sportcoat, right? Wearing print trousers is really not that hard to do, but there are a few guidelines that will take away the fear factor:

The easiest way to pull off this look is to pair your print paints with a neutral-colored shirt like white or a shirt in a solid color that’s found in the pattern of your pants. For example, if your pants are red and blue plaid, you can safely wear a solid red or blue shirt, or throw on a white shirt and call it a day. Don’t be afraid to layer as you normally would too. A white shirt with a blue sportcoat would pair nicely with this look.

Make your print pants stand out by wearing them with a crisp white shirt and a pair of loafers, sans socks. When the weather warms up, try a white polo and boat shoes. It’s a preppy and classic look that will never go out of style.

Want a look with more edge? Pair your print pants with a classic rock T-shirt. Just match the color of the T (or in the logo) to one of the colors in the pattern on your pants. Add some scruffy boots, and you’re ready to rock.

Those who are feeling more bold can try pattern mixing by wearing a print shirt with print pants. To make it work, make sure the colors in your shirt coordinate with the colors in your pants. If you’re nervous, bring your print pants into Garmany, and we’ll help you pick out some shirts that look great with them.

And if you haven’t tried print pants yet, come in and see our selection. We’ll help you chose a pair that’s stylish, interesting and best of all, totally different than your usual plain pants. Mix it up a little, because fashion should be fun.

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