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In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

Heading out for a summer adventure? Sure, you’ve got the sunscreen and bug spray packed, but will you have what you need in case disaster strikes? Here’s what a survival expert says you should have with you so you’re prepared for just about everything. Pack it all in a six-by-10 inch makeup bag or a quart-size Ziploc bag you can grab and take wherever your summer plans have you running off to:


Handy for removing splinters and ticks.

Alcohol wipes

These are great for cleaning wounds and you can tear them into tinder if you need to start a fire.

Medical ID card

Write your name, address, emergency contact and medical information like allergies, blood type, blood pressure and resting heart rate on an index card.

Garbage bag

Make a hole in the front of the bag near the seam and slip it over your head in case of bad weather.

Cotton balls covered with Vaseline

These can be used to lubricate blisters and will also help you build that fire if needed.

Small mirror

Use it to reflect sunlight as a distress signal. The StarFlash Signal Mirror works well (bestglide.com).

Waterproof bandages

Keep cuts protected even when you’re in a downpour or forging a river.

Benadryl capsules

Many people develop allergies as adults and don’t know it. Carry some antihistamine tablets in case of an unexpected allergic reaction.

Folding blade knife

This can be used for any number of things, including cutting away clothes from injuries and swelling. Just be sure to practice using it and be careful so you don’t end up with a self-inflected wound.

Sparkie Fire Starter

This handy device is waterproof, lightweight and more reliable than a lighter. It can even produce sparks in the rain (rei.com).

Energy bar

Humans can actually survive three weeks without food, but if you’re starving, you’re more likely to panic and make bad decisions in stressful situations. Millennium Bars have a 5-year shelf life and can be found on Amazon.

Aquamira tablets

If you end up needing to fill your drinking bottle from a river or other natural source, drop in one tablet per liter to purify the water (outdoorready.com).

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