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It’s the little things

It’s the little things

Sometimes small products pack a big punch. For example, Cord Tacos are the newest way to stylishly wrap up your tech cables. These cool leather “tacos,” sold in assorted colors, will help you avoid the annoying task of untangling the myriad cords associated with all your gadgets.

Leaving home, perhaps to travel for business? The Ostrich Pillow Light is the next generation neck pillow. As its name suggests, the multipurpose pillow is super light and reversible. You can use it as a neck support or even an eye mask (perfect for flights where the lights never seem to be dim enough!).

And if you hate leaving your pooch or feline when you’re away, check out the Pet Cube Bites Camera. It lets you stay connected with your furry friend. The camera has two-way audio, so you can discipline Buddy for his unruliness or praise him for good behavior. Better yet, you can remotely fling him a treat with the built-in food dispenser!

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