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Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

They’re a hit with Kate Middleton and come in pops of color and patterns to brighten any ensemble, but the clutch can be a little puzzling for everyday use.

It’s no carryall like your seemingly bottomless tote bag, but it also doesn’t hide your car keys at the bottom and nearly make you late for work.

Yes, carrying a clutch can give you the elegance of royalty (Kate is almost never without one) and hone your organizational skills as well. Some use it to carry the morning commute essentials and then morph it into the perfect business meeting organizer. After all, it fits a notebook, smartphone and sunglasses just fine. The same bag is ready to transition to a theater date, and there’s nothing like a clutch for a formal occasion, when you know a shoulder bag just won’t cut it.

But the true fashionista will view the clutch for the excitement it adds to any ensemble. Shop Garmany for enamel clutches by Edie Parker in animal print, fun fruit patterns or a swirl of emerald green. They’re so pretty you won’t want to put them down. And when only a tote will do the job, toss your clutch inside it. Your essentials—whether it’s lip gloss or mini hair spray—have never been easier to find.

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