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Kitten Heels: Purrfect for Work and Play

Kitten Heels: Purrfect for Work and Play

Actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn was known for wearing kitten heels, a style later popularized by First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. In recent years, this short, slender heel (usually one to 2 inches) is back in vogue, giving women an alternative to high heels and stilettos that’s perfect for the office and date-night dinner.

Once considered “trainer heels” for young girls, kitten heels today are worn by ladies of all ages thanks to their versatility—they go great with midi skirts and jeans. And there’s no place like Garmany to rediscover what kitten heels can do for your wardrobe. Some exciting brands to check out are Manolo Blahnik (we love its strapless gold-trimmed suede shoe) and Tabitha Simmons, whose emerald green strap-back with stylish ankle bow is perfect for summer.

Sure, kitten heels look good, but we also love their practical side: You can go the extra mile in them without the discomfort that’s often associated with spiked heels. You’ll be glad at the end of the day you gave your feet a break and your wardrobe a boost!

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