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Ladies, it’s cold outside!

Ladies, it’s cold outside!

The cold has finally set in, but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re no longer able to look good, ladies. There are some easy ways to stay warm and cozy while still being as stylish as you are the rest of year. Read on for the key pieces that you need to pull off a fashionable fall and winter look.

Chunky knit sweater: A longer-length chunky knit sweater is a cold-weather staple that looks amazing with skinny jeans or leggings—just steer clear of a wide leg or baggy pant in order to keep the proportions right. Look for a sweater in a neutral color like cream, beige or gray, and you’ll find infinite ways to wear it this season.

Faux fur vest: Adding another layer around your core is a sure-fire way to beat the chill, and a faux fur vest is the fashionable way to do it. A furry vest can add just the flair you need to a casual button down, jeans and boots, or wear it with a dress and tights for a fancier feel. Bonus: A furry vest will automatically make your arms look thin.

Tall boots: If fear of the cold is stopping you from wearing skirts and dresses, just break out the tall boots, sister! A pair of knee-high or over-the-knee boots will give you a long, thin line while keeping your pins protected from the elements. Tall boots work with skinny jeans and leggings too, so investing in a few good pairs is well worth it. And if comfort is key for you, there are plenty of fashionable flat boots just made for walking.

Chic coat: Throwing on a great coat is the fastest and easiest way to stay warm this winter, and a statement coat in a fun color, print or pattern can totally make your outfit. If standing out in a statement coat isn’t your jam, choose a beautiful fabric or interesting shape (like a poncho), and we guarantee you’ll smile when you wear it.

Gorgeous scarf: A gorgeous scarf can give your look just the lift it needs while keeping you warm and cozy. And a scarf can be styled countless ways, from wearing it like a wrap to knotted around your neck. Fabrics range from cotton to cashmere, and there are so many colors and patterns to choose from that it’s easy to find a scarf that will work with what you plan to wear.

Come in to Garmany to find these and other cold-weather essentials to get you through the fall and winter season in style.

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