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Lashing Out

Lashing Out

The reasons women want fuller eyelashes are practically endless—for starters, they’re a universal symbol of beauty, plus numerous surveys show men are more attracted to women with killer eyes. But how can you get them risking a change in eye color (sorry, Latisse)? Try eyelash extensions, the getting-more-popular-by-the-minute trend. Here’s why we love them:

You can wear makeup with them

Eye shadow and liners are fine as long as they’re oil-free and removed every night.

They’re built to last

Many salons recommended coming in for a tune-up every two or three weeks, but with proper care (again, avoid products with oil), they’ll last longer.

The choices are luxe

You can opt for lashes made with faux mink, faux fox, silk, real mink and real human hair. Silk is known for giving an extra-dramatic look, while mink is hailed for being the lightest and softest.

You can swim and gym

Just be sure to wait 24 hours after application before you get your new lashes wet, and don’t go in a steam room or sauna for 48 hours.

They’re whatever you want them to be

You can choose your length (they range from 9 to 15mm) and even the type of curl (a “J” curl is for a more natural look, while a “C” is a more dramatic).

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