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Let Garmany help you make the best first impression

Let Garmany help you make the best first impression

What kind of first impression do you make on others? It’s something a lot of us likely think about on the regular. And research has shown that strangers can determine 12 personality traits about each of us within just seconds of meeting for the first time—and before we even open our mouths.

According to Business Insiderhere are 12 things strangers notice first about each other, some that we have control over and some that we don’t. Keep in mind all of these are rooted in studies and/or science:

1. If you’re trustworthy—the more feminine and babylike your face, the more trustworthy you are perceived as
2. If you’re charismatic—this is determined in as little as five seconds!
3. If you’re leadership material—the lower-pitched the voice, the more leadership-worthy
4. If you’re promiscuous—those with tattoos are deemed to be more promiscuous
5. If you’re smart—the more eye contact you make, the more intelligent you’re believed to be
6. If you’re dominant—men with shaved heads are considered more dominant than those with full heads of hair!
7. If you’re adventurous—the looser your walk, the more adventurous you’re perceived to be
8. If you’re dateable—this is mostly determined by a dater’s profile photo on online dating websites
9. If you’re a friend or enemy—if you smell too “different” from the other person, he or she might not perceive you as a friend. Hey, blame science, not us!

And though many of those things are out of our control, three personality traits were based on things we can control: how we dress:

10. If you’re about to be promoted—the more crisp a guy is
dressed, the quicker he’d be promoted
11. If you’re successful—the more tailored a man’s suit, the more
successful he is perceived to be
12. If you’re high-status—wearing name-brand clothes “ups” your status

As numbers 10, 11 and 12 show, dressing the part helps to make a good and lasting impression. Stop by Garmany, where one of our sales associates can curate new items just for you—and you’ll be well on your way to making the best first impression ever.

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