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Cuff links have been around for a long time, with some historians pointing to their presence in ancient Egyptian paintings. When they gained popularity as members of England’s Parliament donned them in the 18th century, they conveyed status, wealth and breeding.

Fast-forward three centuries: Baz Persaud started his eponymous company in 2014 after perfecting his skills as a jeweler. His mission: to make the best handcrafted jewelry possible and sell it only in the finest stores. To that end, each pair of cuff links is a bespoke item, made from start to finish by his in-house staff. It is only after inspection by Baz himself that a piece is hand-stamped.

Garmany is the only store in New Jersey to carry the brand, whose cuff links range from traditional sets that can be enjoyed and passed along to future generations to distinctive pairs that speak to a man’s personal interests or hobbies. Likewise, there are pieces that reflect the wearer’s inclination to “think out of the box.”

“Women will choose a pair of shoes or a handbag to complement an outfit and express their sense of style,” says Johnell Garmany, owner of Garmany. “Men should think of cuff links in much the same way.”

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