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Back in the 18th century, members of England’s Parliament donned cuff links to convey status, wealth and breeding. Three centuries later, in 2014, Baz Persaud started his eponymous company after perfecting his skills as a jeweler. His mission: to make the best handcrafted jewelry possible and sell it only in the finest stores. To that end, each pair of Baz Persaud cuff links is a bespoke item, made from start to finish by his in-house staff. The company uses a process called lost-wax casting, which begins with a design being hand-carved from a block of wax. Once completed, a plaster of Paris mold is made and a silver casting is created from it. Because it’s all done by hand, the company is able to offer truly unique designs. It is only after inspection by Baz himself that a piece is hand-stamped.

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