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Make Driving a Joyride

Make Driving a Joyride

If your daily commute isn’t getting better because of traffic and ongoing roadwork, it’s time to turn your car into a tech-oasis that can even brew a cup of coffee. Here are some top gadgets to enhance your ride and take a bite out of rush hour.

Since the one thing you never want to be without in your car—even if there’s no time to stop at the donut shop—is java, how about a coffee maker for the car? The Handpresso auto espresso maker works with your favorite brand of joe and plugs into the cigarette lighter or 12-volt port for that added jolt of caffeine your slow-moving commute may need.

Add Trademark’s Global Car Swivel Tray, and your vehicle will have the feel of a restaurant while satisfying those on-the-road munchies. A Zone Tech suction-mounted cup holder is a nice companion that also frees up interior space.

There’s nothing like your favorite tunes to smooth your ride, and ION Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter can stream playlists from your smartphone—as much as four hours on a single charge.

And if your commute happens to take you past the traffic jams and road rugs to a scenic vista you want to remember, consider the Garmin Dash Cam 55. It can take time-lapse videos and offers crystal-clear clarity.

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