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Making a comeback

Making a comeback

We all love athleisure pants for their comfy feel, but denim is making a big comeback with so many enticing styles, you’ll certainly want to make room in your closet. In 2017, it seemed that stretchy knit pants had won out over blue jeans for popularity, but the resurgence of ‘90s fashion is giving denim the power to shake its sartorial claim, and top designers are getting on board.

For those of us who would rather fight than give up our jeans or jacket, this fashion revival is certainly good news, but so is the way that denim is being celebrated this year. Choose a mini skirt, jeans in any style, length or embellishment imaginable, including frayed and lace hemlines, or a wear-anywhere jacket.

Always on top of the latest trends, Garmany has a generous supply of denim, like Mother’s embroidered chambray shirt, which looks great with dark indigo cut-offs. Customers also can discover Sea’s modern interpretation of the classic western style, or show their love for denim is no passing fancy with J. Brand’s faded blue, head-to-toe denim ensemble. In addition, Rag & Bone teams up trim and tailored jeans with a patchwork denim top, proving there’s never too much of a good thing.

With so much style ready for you, why not leave your stretchy knit pants for the gym and get back to basics with denim, since it is dominating the runway this season.

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