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Making Perfect Scents

Making Perfect Scents

You’ve done it. You’ve seen others do it. You’ve even had strangers do it to you.

Before your imagination runs wild, let’s clarify. We’re talking about fragrances and those pulse points you aim them at: the wrist, nape of the neck and behind your ears. Turns out applying fragrances to our so-called “hot spots” intensifies their notes. To make your scent last, experts suggest moisturizing skin with a fragrance-free lotion (you don’t want competing scents, now do you?) Oily complexions retain fragrances longer, so if you have super dry skin you might consider applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly to pulse pots to lock in the scent. Another trick: spray perfume right after taking a shower when your skin is at its dewiest (plus you’ll avoid staining clothes). Other pulse points: inside the elbows, behind the knees, on your ankles, in your hair. (Your locks hold fragrance well and leave a trail of scent as you move from place to place.)

If you prefer a softer scent, spray your favorite fragrance in the air and walk through it as the mist settles. But one thing you should never do is rub your writs together to distribute the oils. The reason: it tends to break down the molecules in the fragrance. Instead, just spray and go.

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