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It’s Always Time To Look Sharp- Men’s Facial Care Tips by Decade

It’s a fact that optimal grooming habits change as we move through life’s phases. But clean is clean, and smart is smart. Treat yourself right, and you’ll end up with the kind of sophisticated look one can’t fake. Tend your face and facial hair with care, whatever decade you’re in. Here are some age-savvy tips for men’s facial care.

men's facial care tips

YOUR 20s. You know that youthful glow you’ve got now? Sorry, bro, but it won’t last forever. Still, starting a good skin routine when you’re young will help you look your best in the long run.

Three habits to get into ASAP: wash, scrub and moisturize, in that order. Wash morning and night with a dime-sized amount of cleanser formulated for your skin type (a pro can help you figure out if you’re dry, oily or whatever). Scrubbing will give you a cleaner, smoother shave and help prevent razor bumps, but don’t do so more than three times a week to avoid irritation. Finish up by applying daily a dime-sized amount of men’s moisturizer, which locks in hydration.

As for facial hair, start with a pre-shave oil if your skin is acne-prone or sensitive.

Shave with the grain of your beard (never against it), and end your shave sesh with a good aftershave containing witch hazel, an astringent that can help heal minor nicks as well as close up your pores.

YOUR 30s. This decade is all about maintaining the good hygiene habits you started as a 20-something. Keep the wash/scrub/moisturize routine going. And now consider adding a few products to your routine, including a serum to help fight signs of aging and/or an eye gel or roller to help you look well-rested despite a long night at the office (or wherever).

Pro tip: Caffeine is great in coffee, sure, but it also does wonders in skincare products thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

If your hair is thinning, swap your cleansing shampoo for a volumizing one, then work in a thickening spray or gel after towel-drying. Finally, your skin gets more sensitive and taut as you get older, so be gentler when you shave and lather up a gel or foam to prevent irritation.

YOUR 40s. By the time the big 4-0 rolls around, you don’t need to be cleansing or moisturizing twice a day—your skin is thinner, dryer and more sensitive, so once each night before bed will suffice. (Don’t forget the weekly exfoliation too.) You should, however, invest in a serum or moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid, which hydrates skin and makes it more youthful-looking.

Expect to make more regular trips to your barber at this age; he or she can help you cover (or disguise) grays and thinning hair, and may recommend a thickening shampoo or conditioner that works for your texture. If your skin seems extra-sensitive after a shave nowadays, consider switching to a good-quality, single- or two-blade razor, and be extra-careful around the extra-sensitive neck region.

YOUR 50s. You’ve had a good thing going— don’t let up! Continue with your daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen, and also add an eye cream to the mix. Just dab a pea-sized amount on your finger and apply under and around your eyes before you hit the hay to minimize dark circles and puffiness.

Still have some hair on your head? Lucky you! As for its hue, embrace it—but bring out its best. A “silvering shampoo” will help your color look the good kind of gray, not brassy and blondish.

YOUR 60s+. In this era it’s OK to simplify things, in life in general and in your skincare routine. You don’t need any fancy products—a facial soap and moisturizer are sufficient for keeping your mature skin in tip-top shape. Look for products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and aloe, and steer clear of those targeted toward dudes with oily skin (ah, the good ol’ days).

You’ll also want to keep those brow, nose and ear hairs from running rampant. Invest in a good set of men’s tweezers (instead of stealing your wife’s) to clean up your brows (and unibrow) after a shower; steam will open up the pores and make hairs easier to pluck.

For those pesky nose and ear hairs, resist plucking or snipping by adding an electric facial hair trimmer to your arsenal. Check yourself in a magnifying mirror, and trim away.

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