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Mosquitos Be Gone!

Mosquitos Be Gone!

There’s nothing worse than having your backyard barbeque ruined by pesky mosquitos—and these days, there’s mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile to worry about as well. So how to prevent these unwanted guests?

The first step is to prevent them from breeding in the first place by making sure there’s no standing water on your property. Empty plant saucers, kids’ plastic toys, sandboxes and any low point in your gutter that may be collecting water.

Monmouth County residents can have their property inspected free by a mosquito expert who will look for standing water sources that support mosquito larvae (the request for service form can be found here:


Experts also advise that you remove yard debris like twigs, branches and leaves that have piled up in a corner because mosquitos can breed there as well.

If those critters are still coming, consider calling a professional mosquito control company and having them spray a treatment that kills adult mosquitoes and mosquitos in the larvae stage. You can also buy a treatment that you attach to your hose and spray yourself.

When you are outside, set out candles that contain geraniol, which is more effective than citronella at repelling mosquitoes, and apply repellent containing DEET.

Lastly, put on a fan. Mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers and can’t battle a breeze. Plus, the fan will disperse the carbon dioxide that we exhale and that female mosquitoes are attracted to. So set an electric, oscillating fan on a table and sit back and enjoy that barbeque, pest free.

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