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One More Reason to Avoid Carbs

One More Reason to Avoid Carbs

Men, put down that doughnut! A new study has found that eating carbs may make you smell less appealing to the opposite sex. The study, from researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, found that women across the board preferred the body odor of men who ate more fruits and vegetables as opposed to men who ate a lot of carbs. 

The study went like this: Researchers took a group of men and measured the amount of fruits and vegetables in their diet using an instrument called a spectrophotometer, which uses light to measure carotenoids (the pigments that give fruit and veggies their color) deposited on people’s skin after they eat those foods. (Yes, you are what you eat.) Then they had the guys exercise in clean t-shirts. Women were asked to smell those sweaty shirts afterward (who signed up for this?!) and rate the odors.

The results, according to the study, were the same for the entire sample group of women. They all gave a higher rating to the sweat from the guys who ate more fruits and vegetables than they did for the men who ate more carbs.

So if you happen to like bread, or pasta, or yes, the occasional doughnut, don’t forget your deodorant and stop into Garmany to pick up a bottle of Laurentino, our hugely-popular men’s fragrance. We promise you will smell better wearing it.

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