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Seeing spots

Seeing spots

If you’re in a fashion rut, it’s time to break out of the mold with this season’s hot look: polka dots. These circular spots are making their way onto everything from swimsuits to evening dresses, and even shoes.

For many, polka dots will always be a classic—a throwback to the ’50s when the look flourished on style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Typically, a contrast of white against black or navy, this timeless style can go from office to dinner, especially with a burst of color from a red handbag or lipstick.

But this year’s craze is not just a ‘50s rerun because designers have a new take on polka dots, super-sizing them or modernizing them with an abstract motif—and the array of colors, well, that rivals the rainbow.

While shopping at Garmany, you’ll be inspired by Ganni’s daring polka-dot black dress—we say daring because the sleeves are sheer and a sliver of the belly is too, though tasteful and not to excess!

With so many choices, these new pieces will be a welcome break from your usual fashion.

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