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Orange You Glad Color is “in”

Orange You Glad Color is “in”

Tis the season for bright colors, and Garmany is captivated by two trendy choices—orange and red. Not ready for full strength? Both hues are turning up in dusty shades this season for a subtler look that could work for those still a little timid about color.

While it’s true that neutral colors provide a men’s fashion safe zone, there’s nothing wrong with standing out in the crowd. Because both red and orange make a strong statement, it’s best to pick a winning piece like Canali’s red sportcoat (available at Garmany) and team it up with neutral colors or a print shirt with elements of red; the hue also works with yellow and pink.

As for orange, this is a color that can range from rust tones great for light skin to bright coral and blood orange for those with darker complexions. It’s fashion accompaniment is grey, blue and black. For those still puzzled, Garmany’s answer is Cucinelli’s orange suede jacket or a popular crewneck sweater in the hue.

Keep in mind that you can take baby steps, perhaps introducing an orange tie, like Kiton’s floral print that works well with a blue-and-black plaid sportcoat or a red tie with a red check shirt, both by Isaia. Start out slowly, and before long, you’ll be a color pro.

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