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Out of this World!

Out of this World!

If you’ve traveled the globe, why stop there? Keep your adrenalin flowing and essentials packed—we’re entering the age of space tourism!

And while it may not take you to uncharted territories like a voyage on Star Trek’s Enterprise, make no mistake: It is an out-of-this-world experience that companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are planning for customers.

You won’t go into orbit around the Earth, but you will experience spaceflight and weightlessness for several minutes before touching down on terra firma once again.

While trekking the globe no doubt costs a mint, don’t expect space tourism to come cheap. Just one seat on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity (now in accelerated testing) is expected to cost $250,000, but imagine the Instagram photos!

And who knows what bargains might lie ahead? According to its website, the company is working on a new generation of vessels that will open space travel for everyone, including researchers.

So, dare to dream a little—look at the stars and imagine yourself up in that awe-inspiring expanse. It’s a dream that’s coming true soon. Blue Origin (founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) is expecting to start selling tickets next year for New Shepard. This spacecraft won’t fly you to the moon, but once unleashed, New Shepard is designed to carry six people into the great beyond—all in time to get to the office on Monday.

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