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Say Goodbye To Sad Socks!

Say Goodbye To Sad Socks!

Guys, it’s a new year and that means a new you. But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you hit the gym and give up nachos. The new year is the perfect time to go through your sock drawer and get rid of any stretched out, faded or holey socks that may be lurking there, just tempting you to wear them. And that’s not even counting those single socks that you have been holding on to, hoping against hope that you’ll find the missing stray someday. It’s time to get rid of these sad socks and start fresh, so that you can look into your sock drawer and actually want to wear everything you find there each morning.

Thankfully, Garmany carries an extensive selection of wool, cotton and cashmere socks by great brands like American Trench, Marcoliani and Lorenzo, not to mention our own Garmany socks made in Peru of the finest cotton. From ultra-practical solids to the most stylish colors and patterns, we have a sock for every outfit—and some that will truly make your outfit. So stop into the store today and replenish that sock drawer with some stylish pairs that are worthy of the rest of your wardrobe.

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