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Scents etiquette

Scents etiquette

“A little dab will do you”—that expression your grandma told about fragrances still holds true today. Going to the extreme with even the best cologne can be a big mistake, and nobody wants to be in tight quarters with someone who has soaked themselves in fragrance.

The right cologne can become a signature of sorts. So, skimping on quality (you get what you pay for), wearing old scents (the natural oils inside will age after three years), and mixing fragrances (even using scented soaps) are all bad practice. Adopt the 2-foot rule when lightly spraying cologne; this will protect against an overpowering scent. Or apply just a few drops to pulse points.

Also, consider the venue. Are you at a hospital, on a plane or in a swimming pool? All of these places are a poor match for even the best scents. And consider less is more when applying fragrances before you meet your carpool buddies.

Office policies vary, but the best approach if you choose to wear cologne to work is choosing a lighter scent and again not overdoing it.

To get your scent just right, go with a quality brand like Laurentino carried at Garmany.

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