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Self-Care 101

Self-Care 101

“Self-care” isn’t just a trendy term that’s been thrown around lately—it’s actually good for your health. And the act of taking time out of your busy schedule to tend to yourself physically and/or mentally is not just for women. Guys also benefit from a little “me time”, especially at a time of year as busy as this one.

Aside from destressing at the gym or treating yourself to a shopping spree at Garmany (of course), here are five other ways to unwind:

Eat healthy and sleep. Not to sound like your doctor or anything, but these are the two most essential things to feeling and looking your best. Set aside designated time each day so you can get three square meals, and aim for 7-8 hours of slumber a night.

Use essential oils. Even if not into the holistic approach to things, many men swear by essential oils. Keeping an oil roller in your desk at work and swiping the stuff on temples or wrists can almost immediately eliminate stress or a tension headache.

Try a muscle rub. If you can’t make Swedish massages a habit, try muscle rub creams, which are sold over the counter. Have a partner or friend help apply the stuff to your back and shoulders to instantly ease sore muscles and achiness.

Download an app. There are plenty of apps with guys’ mental health in mind. Try one like Headspace or Buddhify, the latter of which features guided meditation exercises for everyday culprits, from relationship troubles to travel anxiety.

Play hooky. If the worries are still piling up, drop the guilt and take a personal day at work to sleep in, go for a jog, or veg out on the couch to binge-watch Game of Thrones. Everyone deserves it, including you!

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