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Strike A Match

Strike A Match

Forget stuffy, dull business suits—this is the season of boundless variety! With checks, stripes, paisleys and florals all among hot trends for men, there are endless ways to dress for success. However, there is a downside to these infinite possibilities, as clashing patterns can unfortunately result. And there’s nothing worse than standing out in a crowd for the wrong reason.

But have no fear, Garmany has a few tips for those eager to mix patterns like a pro.

Follow the color scheme

Even variations of checks can team up for a fabulous look, but the trick is to keep the pattern within a set of colors. Pairing bold patterns with an array of colors will most likely score a fashion DON’T.

Stick to muted hues

It’s easy on the eyes when the color patterns combined are a softer shade. Too many bright colors can be overkill and are more fashionable when styled with neutrals.

Avoid placing similar patterns next to each other

Patterns should be complementary without being identical (do match the jacket and trousers, though). Remember this when piecing together an outfit from the diverse options in your closet.

Easy does it

Gain confidence by starting with accessories (perhaps one of Isaia’s fine ties or a Brunello Cucinelli pocket square, both available at Garmany). As you get a knack for patterns through accessorizing, move on to shirts like those from Frank & Eileen. And when you’ve mastered the shirts, it’s time to tackle the sport coat.

Before long, your bold fashion statements garnered from the Garmany store will be turning heads for the right reasons.

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