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String Me Along

String Me Along

Drawstrings are no longer relegated to your sweatpants; they have been elevated to the most coveted position—the fashion runway—giving a fresh vibe to everything from dresses to raincoats.

Although inspired by the athleisure movement, drawstrings today are oh-so-much more than utilitarian. They command attention by flowing freely and swaying with each move. Designers are counting on drawstrings for their morphing power: They can change the entire silhouette of a dress or blouse, for example, just by bunching up the sleeves or skirt.

Among Garmany’s picks for drawstring dressing is See by Chloé for the streamlined effect of a sleeveless raincoat worn over a boho maxi. Another is La Vie Rebecca Taylor’s baby pink windbreaker. And Cinq á Sept has gone string happy with a raincoat ruching at the sleeves in parachute style.

No matter how you decide to wear your drawstrings—tie them or let ‘em hang—don’t miss the fun of this free spirited and flattering look.



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