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Surviving a Long Flight

Surviving a Long Flight

Flying from New York to Boston? No sweat. But sitting in a cramped airline seat for hours on end as you hurtle across the globe? That’s a journey you might lose sleep over. Make surviving a long flight the least of your travel concerns with these tips:

Book the right seat.

Size matters—as in your height and bladder. A window seat will give you incredible views and a place to rest your head, but you’ll have to climb over others each time nature calls. Score a bit more legroom and an easier path to the restroom with an aisle seat, but that too comes at a cost. Expect sleep interruptions from passengers in your row and those roaming the aisle.

Dress for comfort.

Sure, you want to look polished, but park your tailored trousers and choose something with a more relaxed fit. Because feet tend to swell, wear slip-ons or shoes with loose laces and material that easily expands. Stash extra socks or a light jacket in your carry-on in case the temperature takes a tumble.

Bring your own entertainment.

If the in-flight flick is a bust, pass the time with a novel or your mobile devices. Make sure smartphones and tablets are fully charged, as decent

Wi-Fi and power outlets aren’t standard on all planes. But remember to pull away from the electronics to hydrate. And be sure to stand up and stretch; you want to keep your blood flowing.

Pack essentials.

We recommend a neck pillow, headphones, lip balm, toothbrush, snacks and gum. And moisturizer will help you avoid feeling like a reptile.

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