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The cheapest and most expensive times to book a flight are…

The cheapest and most expensive times to book a flight are…

There are plenty of ways to book a flight nowadays—directly through the airline carrier, online via a third party, by hiring a travel agent. But it turns out that it’s more about when you book a flight, not how, that can save you the most money.

Hopper, a travel app that predicts and tracks airfare prices, conducted a recent study where they analyzed data from 20 million separate flight searches over the course of four months to figure out just when is the most and when is the least expensive time to book airfare, according to Money.com. So, what did they find?

Tuesday around midnight is the cheapest time to book flights, with an average of 6 percent savings. Friday around 3 a.m. is the most expensive time of the week, with an estimated 3 percent increase in fares. Hopper then concluded that airfare is generally less expensive at the beginning of the week, and pricing rises as we approach the weekend.

However, the main takeaway here is that these rules don’t necessarily apply to all domestic and international flights—airfare in general depends on the route you take and other factors such as demand, airline sales etc, so it’s certainly not a one-fits-all approach. Still, it’s something to consider as we book our last-minute summer getaways!

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