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The layer you need now: a turtleneck sweater

The layer you need now: a turtleneck sweater

Guys, we know what you’re thinking. You fear the turtleneck sweater. You don’t want to look like a dweeb or some outdated relic of the 1970s. But fear not because the turtleneck sweater is totally in, seen all over designer runway shows the last couple of seasons. It’s a key layering piece that will actually make you look fashion forward, not to mention keep you warm as the weather turns colder. From merino wool to cashmere, there are lots of fabrics to choose from and a myriad of shapes and colors. Heed these tips to wear one with confidence:

Go for an updated silhouette

Look for a simple, fitted sweater in a relatively thin-gauge that glides over the body but isn’t too tight. Avoid bulky fabrics and rounded shapes—you don’t want to look like an actual pumpkin in that pumpkin-colored knit.

Choose a soft fabric

There’s nothing worse than an itchy sweater irritating your neck all day, so steer clear of anything that feels the least bit scratchy and choose a soft fabric like merino wool, cashmere or a silk and cashmere blend.

Try a mock neck

If an actual turtleneck feels too constricting to you, try a sweater with a mock neck instead.

Layer it on

A turtleneck sweater looks great on its own, but if you’re feeling unsure about the look, wear one with a suit or with a sportcoat, puffer vest or leather bomber. You can’t go wrong with a layered look this time of year.

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