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These are the three simple secrets to happiness, according to a course at Yale

These are the three simple secrets to happiness, according to a course at Yale

The most popular course ever at Yale is a psychology class about how to achieve happiness, but you need not be an Ivy League student to find out the secrets.

Twenty-five percent of Yale’s undergraduates have enrolled in Yale psychology course Psych 157: Psychology and the Good Life, and it became so popular that the professor taught the course online too (for free!), according to Inc. But if you don’t have time to devote to a weeks-long online class, there is good news, as the psychologist shared a short-cut version of her class at the Aspen Ideas Festival last week.

It turns out true happiness boils down to just three key things:

  • Buy not only things, but experiences too: This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news as we’ve heard it before, but experts argue that experiences will offer up memories in the long-run that material items cannot. Still, there’s something to be said for treating yourself to an amazing new suit or pair of shoes!
  • Practice gratitude: The professor advises setting aside a little bit of time each day to express your gratitude, whether it’s for your health, your family, or anything else you feel thankful for.
  • Deprive yourself of things you love: In order to stop comparing ourselves to others and what they have, take away something you enjoy for a day or a week. When you give it back to yourself, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for what you already have versus what you don’t.

Do you agree with these three pillars of happiness? Either way, we will always think that buying yourself things that you love will make you happy! Stop by Garmany, where we have tons of luxury clothing and accessories for men and women, all of which will put a smile on your face.

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