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This innovative new dating app is for dog lovers only

This innovative new dating app is for dog lovers only

Common interests are key in choosing a life partner—and that includes a common love for dogs. Now there’s a new dating app just for dog lovers, so you need not waste your time dating someone who sees your fluffy companion as a deal-breaker.

Dig is the “dog person’s dating app,” which unites potential partners primarily on their shared love of pups. Just as you’d fill out a few questions about yourself and what you’re looking for when signing up for any dating app, Dig is the same concept, except many of the questions pertain to users’ pets, asking if you have a dog and/or want to meet someone who does. Daters are also encouraged to upload photos of their fur babies.

As a bonus, the app also gives suggestions on the best dog-friendly parks, restaurants and play areas nearby, making it easy for you and your potential date to bring your pets along for the fun. Nothing says romance like scooping up some puppy poop together, right?

Dig is already up and running in many major US cities—including New York City, where it originated—and will be making its way to Miami, Atlanta, Nashville and Denver later this year.

Ready to find someone you really dig? First, stop by Garmany, where our sales associates can make sure you look sharp for your first date with your fellow-animal-lover-turned-future-spouse. Then download the app at digdates.com!

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