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Three Colors to Help You Break the Blue Habit This Fall

Three Colors to Help You Break the Blue Habit This Fall

Take a good look at your closet. Now be honest. How much blue do you see?

If you’re like most men, we’re betting the hue makes up a good percentage of your wardrobe. Everyone loves blue, and for good reason. It’s a calming color, and it’s flattering on people of all skin tones and hair colors. There are so many shades of blue that you can almost feel like you’ve got a closet full of different-colored pieces. But the key word there is almost. When it comes down to it, you’re still wearing blue, aren’t you?

Well, it’s time to break the blue habit and freshen up your fall/winter wardrobe. Here are three that we love for the season, with some suggestions on how to incorporate each:


This chic blend of orange and brown has been spotted all over designer runways lately and is a fresh take on other, more-classic earth tones. A rust corduroy jacket or a rust-colored sweater are great ways to wear the color, but if you’d rather incorporate smaller pops of rust, try a tie, hat or work bag.

Dark green

Dark greens like hunter, emerald and forest can add a rich, elegant feel to your fall or winter wardrobe, and these shades are universally flattering the same way blue is. Don a pair of dark green velvet trousers and watch heads turn; a dark green pair of sneakers or a dark green winter scarf are more subtle ways to work the color into your wardrobe.


This deep shade of red verging on purple is most commonly associated with wine from the French region of the same name. And like a glass of fine wine, it exudes class and good taste. A burgundy parka is a chic way to stay warm this winter, or try a pair of burgundy jeans as a casual way to wear the color. Or why not add some flair to a dark suit with a pair of burgundy socks?

Stop by Garmany to see all the different pieces in these and a myriad of other colors—and get ready to liven up your look for fall and beyond.


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