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Time to tie one on

Time to tie one on

Business casual might have made the need for ties less important a while back, but ties are trending. Did you know their origin goes back to the Thirty Years’ War that ignited battles all over Europe in the 1600s? It appears the Croatian mercenaries who fought for France tied their uniforms at the neck, and King Louis XIII liked the decorative effect so much—well, the rest is ancient history.

There’s nothing like a tie to make a big fashion statement. In fact, refreshing your tie selection can go a long way toward updating your look this season. Luckily, GARMANY has a vast collection—solids, stripes, paisleys, even florals—in silk, knit and cashmere. Among its many brands are Brioni and Eton, both known for their quality and impeccable style. With Brioni, you get Italian craftsmanship at its best, while Eton’s ties are made in England by the world’s finest tie makers.

Stop by the store to check out our tie lines. It’s an easy way to start updating for spring.

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