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Total tech game-changers

Total tech game-changers

Google is one-upping Apple with some brand-new tech products that make even the large-screened, highly anticipated iPhone XS look amateur.

The tech giant just announced a slew of new gadgets which will be released over the next few weeks and months (and are available for pre-order now). Here are the three we at Garmany are especially excited about:

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL smartphone: This all-glass phone which comes in white, black or light pink is a stunner, sure, but it’s the camera features that really set it apart—it boasts a dual-lens camera for exceptional selfies, and Night Sight, designed for taking better shots in the dark.

Pixel Slate tablet: The new tablet is the first on the market to compete directly with Apple’s iPad. The Pixel Slate is basically a larger version of the Pixel phone but with the guts of a laptop, hence its hefty price tag—the most expensive Pixel Slate with a keyboard (which costs extra) runs about $1,100.

Google Home Hub: Going beyond the audio-only Google Home, the innovative Hub is a visual dashboard that is voice-activated like its predecessor. You can sync the Hub to your Google account and ask it to show you what’s coming up on your calendar, to play you a YouTube video, and tons more cool tricks.

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