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Travel made easy

Travel made easy

The kids’ school breaks are nearly here, and you’ve booked a family getaway only to realize your passport is due to expire. Relax. While it normally takes four to six weeks to renew a passport, paying an extra $60 will ensure you get yours in two to three weeks. If that’s not soon enough, you can get it in one day (weekends not included) at a passport agency.

The agencies closest to GARMANY are in Philly at 200 Chestnut Street or New York City at 376 Hudson Street. You’ll need your passport photo, supporting documentation (your expired passport, for one) and confirmation that you made an appointment. (Yes, you need an appointment for this service.) Expect to be there for around three hours, but you will leave with a new passport.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been meaning to apply for TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) PreCheck, consider this: Recent data from the agency reports that 97 percent of folks who have it waited in line fewer than five minutes for domestic flights. And it takes five minutes to fill out the form, available at tsa.gov/precheck. You will need to make an appointment for a 10-minute meeting and digital fingerprint scan at a nearby airport. The cost is $85 for five years and enables you to zip through lines without having to remove belts, shoes, jackets and allowed liquids.

Take a lot of international trips? If so, you might want to consider securing a Global Entry certification, which costs $100 for five years. Apply at globalentry.gov. You’ll enjoy the same benefits as TSA PreCheck plus expedited screening at customs and border checkpoints.

Of course, before you go anywhere, head into GARMANY to score the latest travel bags plus the outfits you’ll need to look pulled together during your journey.

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