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Travel Smarter

Travel Smarter

We all do so much trip planning online these days, wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy way to save all your plane, train, hotel and Airbnb reservations in one place? Well, you can, thanks to Google Trips, a free app that automatically gathers all that information from your email and saves it for online or offline viewing (super-handy if you’re going somewhere remote that has limited cell service). The app will also suggest spots for you to visit based on your search data and turn the whole thing into an itinerary complete with maps. You can also share all this information with others, which is helpful if you’re traveling with friends or family.

If the mere idea of trip planning fills you with fear, check out Triphobo, a free app that lets you look at other people’s itineraries for inspiration. You can follow someone else’s itinerary exactly or customize it to suit your travel needs. The database includes itineraries and ground tours in more than 15,000 cities.

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