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TripAdvisor now lets you know which hotels are unsafe

TripAdvisor now lets you know which hotels are unsafe

When booking a vacation, experienced travelers (or their travel agents) always do their research, reading online reviews for the nicest hotel rooms, best excursions, friendliest staff and yummiest restaurants at a particular destination. But TripAdvisor just added a new feature to its site, allowing travelers to also find out if a particular hotel they’re interested in has been associated with any sexual assault complaints.

The world’s largest travel company revealed in a blog post last week that they’ve improved the way their site works, adding a new safety filter effective immediately that lets users easily decipher which hotels have been cited by guests for sexual assault or misconduct from employees. There is also a notice at the top of each review distinguishing the businesses with these negative reviews from others across the site.

Such safety features will highlight not only instances of sexual assault but also other types of assault such as robbery and the like. Check out the new-and-improved safety features at TripAdvisor.com.

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