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V-Neck or Quarter-Zip 101

V-Neck or Quarter-Zip 101

How many times have you pulled out that v-neck or quarter-zip sweater that you love but thrown it back into your closet because you just couldn’t figure out what to wear under it? You’re not alone, so we at GARMANY have simplified it for you. Consider these options:

For a casual and polished look, wear a button down shirt open at the collar under your sweater. A plain sweater looks nice with a patterned shirt underneath, and a sweater with a pattern looks nice with a plain shirt. Try to coordinate colors. For example, a green sweater looks nice with a plaid or check or striped shirt with a little green in it. But you also can’t go wrong with a plain white shirt under your sweater. The nice thing about this look is that it’s incredibly versatile. To dress it up, wear it with trousers and oxfords—you can even throw a sportcoat over it. To dress it down, pair your shirt and sweater combo with jeans and loafers or stylish sneakers.

For a tailored (AKA dressier) look, wear a shirt and tie under your v-neck or quarter-zip sweater. It’s an excellent alternative to wearing a sportcoat this time of year. But adding a sportcoat is perfectly acceptable if you’d like to wear another layer. The same rules apply as above as far as coordinating colors and patterns.

For the most casual look, wear a t-shirt under your sweater. You can wear a t-shirt in a lighter shade of the same color. For example, a light grey t-shirt looks great under a charcoal sweater, or try a light blue t-shirt under a navy sweater. Of course, you can wear white too as long as it’s bright—no undershirts, please.

Stop into GARMANY to check out our great selection of v-neck and quarter-zip sweaters, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect shirt, tie or t-shirt to wear with them.

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