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Virtual-reality Fitness

Virtual-reality Fitness

Imagine working out for 30 minutes without even feeling like you’re at a gym. New technology like the ICAROS Flying Machine, available for home or gym action, feels more like free falling than exercise, but you’ll still fight those pounds! The company’s motto: “We make you fly,” can be the perfect antidote to exercise boredom, especially for the tech-savvy fitness fan.

Rather keep your feet on the ground? There’s plenty of opportunity for VR fitness to shed pounds right at home. Play Space Pirate for 30 minutes and you’ll lose 120-180 calories. Or perhaps Drunken BarFight has you hooked—same idea, these games keep you moving and burn up on average 4-6 calories per minute, without the exercise drudgery that may keep you a couch potato. There is even a Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise keeping track of this emerging field. So, this time, there are really no excuses.

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