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Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors

’Tis the season for weekend travel, which means packing a suitcase and wrestling with that age-old question: “What should I bring?” Guys, just because you’re heading for some well-deserved R&R doesn’t mean it should be a vacation from looking good. Besides swim trunks, shorts, T-shirts and, of course, sunglasses, here are the essentials every man needs on a getaway.


Sneakers are in, but remember that high-tops are for the court. Leather sneakers, on the other hand, are versatile because they’re suitable for nearly any environment, from the sandy boardwalk to a Michelin-starred restaurant (paired with your favorite trousers). Our favorites? Reflective leather sneakers by Lanvin and black leather slip-ons by Salvatore Ferragamo.


You might vacation in paradise, but that doesn’t mean the weather will always be perfect. Gimo’s grey suede jacket will come in handy during a chilly night—it’s lightweight and neutral, meaning it will pair well with your attire. Expecting to get wet? Loro Piana’s reversible rain jacket in charcoal is almost indispensable.

Dinner and Nightlife

Because the weekend fun includes tasting the area’s top cuisine, pack a few dress shirts and ties by Isaia in some of the season’s hottest colors (think pink). And don’t forget a blue windowpane sportcoat by Ravazzolo for a polished yet casual look.

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