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What do women really find attractive?

What do women really find attractive?

A nice smile, a fit bod and a sense of humor are great, but it turns out that what women are really attracted to is a man who is generous, according to a new study in Evolutionary Psychology.

Researchers from the University of Worcester in the UK showed more than 200 heterosexual women pictures of the same two men, one more attractive, one less, and asked them to imagine the men in different scenarios. Some featured the better looking guy being altruistic while others featured the less attractive guy in that light. After reading the scenarios, the women were asked to rate the attractiveness of each man—both for a long-term relationship (like marriage) and a short-term relationship.

As researchers expected, altruistic men received more attractive ratings than non-altruistic men. In fact, non-altruistic men were rated less attractive than physically unappealing men, and altruistic men were rated more attractive than handsome men. So basically, a man’s physical appearance seems to be less important to a woman than his altruism.

Psychologist Daniel Farrelly, the lead researcher, also found that altruists were rated more attractive for a long-term relationship, and non-altruistic men were more appealing as a short-term fling, which makes total sense to any woman in a long-term relationship. After all, people age, looks fade, but a generous spirit is something we all hope never changes.

So guys, looking to lock down the love of your life? Show her your altruistic side—stop into Garmany and get her a little something, just because. It’s scientifically proven to be a game changer.

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