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What You Can Learn From The Most Stylish Men of 2017

What You Can Learn From The Most Stylish Men of 2017

With so many leading men slaying it sartorially this past year, it was difficult to pick our top three, but these guys stood out for their superior sense of style both on and off the red carpet. Wearing casual outfits that looked effortless yet eminently put-together plus distinctively elegant, tailored looks for more formal occasions, our three leading men can teach regular guys a thing or two about dressing for success:

David Beckham

This British footballer has perfected the edgy casual look, often spotted wearing dark jeans, boots, a slim-fit T-shirt and a leather jacket. He dons all black a fair amount, contributing to his super-cool rep, but he does play with prints, wearing slim-fit plaid or dotted button-downs that show off his perfectly toned torso. While Beckham wins any casual contest, he’s also known for wearing well-cut suits, most often in classic dark colors, but frequently with an eye-catching statement tie. Come into Garmany and try on some casual clothing that can make your look a little more edgy and cool like Beckham’s—or pick out a bolder-than-usual tie to make your favorite suit feel special.

The Rock

How is it that Dwayne Johnson always looks cool? Whether the wrestler-turned-actor is wearing jeans and a T-shirt or a perfectly tailored suit, he always looks like a badass. He’s usually sporting killer shades, which helps. The Rock always knows how to add the perfect accessory, from a pink pocket square to high-end sneakers with a suit, for just the right amount of flair. Stop by Garmany for the scarf, shades, shoes or cuff links that will take your look to the next level.

Tom Hiddleston

Think suits are boring? You obviously haven’t checked out what Hiddleston has been wearing. This Brit, known for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mixes it up better than anyone, wearing checks, pin dots, windowpanes, pinstripes, uncommon colors, velvet, double-breasted, three-piece—you name it. The common thread is exceptional tailoring. He looks top-notch in each suit because each one fits him perfectly. Thanks to our expert tailors at Garmany, Hiddleston’s look is easy to emulate. Come in and check out the wide range suits we offer, and we’ll make sure whatever you pick fits you perfectly too.

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