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Winter Coat Reboot

Winter Coat Reboot

Traditional, dark-colored topcoats definitely have their place, but this winter, why not mix things up and add a camel or patterned coat to your wardrobe.

Topping an all-black outfit with a camel coat is classic and flattering and allows accessories like great sunglasses, shoes or a work bag to shine. But camel coats look great with outfits of every color and style, from a traditional suit and tie to casual jeans and a sweater, and will make you stand out from the sea of drab dark coats out there. Camel coats were traditionally made of camel hair, but these days they are more commonly made of wool or cashmere, and if cared for properly, will last for years, so buying one is a smart investment.

Oversized checked or windowpane coats are another way to add some flair to your winter wardrobe. Worried about sporting something so bold? Remember, it comes off when you get to your destination, so you might as well look fashion-forward on the way! Just keep the rest of your outfit a bit more restrained so that you don’t overwhelm with clashing patterns. Still nervous? Look for a patterned coat in classic shades of grey, brown or navy as a way to slowly ease into this trend.

Whether you go with a camel or patterned coat, pay attention to the fit. The coat should be cut close to the body while still leaving enough room for your suit or casual layers. Look closely at the shoulders. The shoulder seams of the coat should end where your shoulders end, and you shouldn’t see any divots or wrinkles. The sleeves should rest just below your wrists.

Stop into Garmany, and we’ll ensure you get the best fit for your stylish new winter coat.

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